Shutters System

    Aluminum Shutters System          

    Al Faqeer has been a leading company in the field of the production of aluminum profiles for roller shutters for years. with their high technological content, Al Faqeer bars for roller shutters are a defence against the intrusion attempts, a protective barrier against the atmospheric agents and serve as sound proofing and heat insulation of the rooms by creating a kind of "still air" between the roller blind and the inner window.
    Automation unit management         

    This Diagram Shows a few examples of what can be done with the “ Group ” and “ Multiple Group ” technology.
    What is a “Group”?
    A ”Group” is a uniform series of automation units operating together; for example, all the awnings of a living room (Shown in orange in the example). Other groups may comprise the awnings or roller shutters of each room.
    What is a “ Multiple Group ”?
    A “ Multiple Group ” is a set of various groups. For example, at night or when no-one is at home, you may want to close all the awnings and lower all the shutters; by associating all the previously created groups (1=living room awnings; 2 = kitchen awning, 3/6=all roller shutters) it will be possible to activate all the automations from just one control device. Other examples of multiple groups are: the awnings or roller shutters in the living area; those of the night area; those facing south; those of a specific meeting room or a whole floor.
    Nice radio-controlled systems:          


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