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R55 SYSTEMWindows and Doors         


  • Fixed frame profile (AF 500) measuring 55 X 68 mm of 1.6 mm aluminum thickness.
  • Z section (AF 504) measuring 55 X 68 mm of 1.6 mm aluminum thickness.
  • T section (AF 503) measuring 55 X 67 mm of 1.6 mm aluminum thickness.
  • Cover profile (AF 510) measuring 22 X 30 mm of 1.6 mm aluminum thickness.

  • Handles for windows and doors are from (GIESSE) Italy.
  • Internal four EPDM rubber gaskets for gentle closing from Italian (PRODUCTA) or Turkish (SECIL).
  • Glass is fixed from inside and outside by EPDM rubber gaskets from Italian(PRODUCTA) or Turkish (SECIL).
  • Aluminum internal angles from Italian (MONTICELLI) or (MASTER).
  • Hinges of three coinciding pieces (75 Kg weight Capacity) for windows from (FAP) Italy.
  • Special hinges with internal steel enforcement (150 Kg weight Capacity) for Doors from (FAP) Italy.
  • Internal plastic angle from (SAVIO) Italy.
  • Plastic Cover on the water drainage from (MEDAL) Italy.

This system can take single or double layers of glass and that is as follows:-
  • Single: One layer of 6 mm glass.
  • Double: Two layers of 6 mm glass isolated by 12 mm drilled Aluminum spacer frame, filled with moisture absorbent grains with BOTYLE on the frame sides for glass insulation. And POLYSULPHIDE mastic adhesive between the two layers of glass and the spacer on the outer frame, the space in between the two layers is Oxygen deflated and replaced with Argon Gas to insure full insulation.

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