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    (SL60) Curtain wall for polygonal solutions and skylight          

    This traditional stick wall system with mullions and transoms has been studied to fabricate
    vertical and inclined curtain walls, glazed roofing, skylight, tunnels and polygonal constructions. The system comprises a wide option of profiles which can be selected taking into consideration static and dynamic project requirements. Mullion dilatation joints have been realized with the insertion of synthetic resin anti fraction elements to absorb any kind of movement provoked by thermal dilatation of the curtain wall and movements of the main structure.


    (SL60) Curtain wall 
    Vertical curtain walls can be provided with a 50mm reduced cover plate to be used in combination with 60mm wide mullions and transoms for architectural purposes. Several options have been made available like IPE shaped sections, rounded and bull nose external covers as well as customized profiles in order to match with any kind of architectural request. The system can fit glasses ranging from 5 to 38mm thickness. A wide choice of openable panels can be installed, side opening, turn and tilt, projecting and dormer windows, either not insulated or thermal break. With the application of a different kind technology, SL60 system can be ranked either 1.0 or 2.1 according to DIN 4108 depending on thermal insulation level required. 
    (SG60) Polygonal structural glazing curtain wall          

    SG60 structural glazing system uses same grid structure with mullions and transoms as SL60. The possibility to apply sealing elements from outside allows the coating of walling and blind panel buildings either new or to be refurbished. Glazing structural panels according to EOTA ETAG guideline 02 are fixed to the main grid structure with special accessories while the 21mm gap between the two glasses is bonded with UV resistant structuralsilicone. SG60 is particularly suggested formanufacturing curtain walling with limited openable elements. It can be used as a complete structural version alternatively as a mixed solution with horizontal cap and vertical sealing or vertical cap with horizontal sealing. The system is finding major application in the manufacturing of vertical and inclined curtain walls, glazed roofing and polygonal constructions. 
    (AW3S) Structural glazing curtain wall wall          

    AW3 system has been realised for the fabrication of a wide option of vertical curtain walls to match with different kinds of architectural requirements. AW3S version is characterised by a total absence of mechanical support from outside, where modular glass sheets are applied one next to the other at a distance of 16mm. Glass sheet is perfectly bonded to the frame by the application of structural silicone according to the strict application of EOTA ETAG 02 guidelines. Both visible and blind panels are perfectly anchored to the main aluminium structure and all together duly fit to the main building structure. Main curtain wall
    grid can be chosen between stick and split type. Stick wall does not need any sealant addition and installation is made possible by the application of particular EPDM gaskets. 90 and 115mm wide mullion sections are available according to different static requirements. Blind panels thermal insulation can be increased by the application of a finishing internal panel and the insertion of particular glass wool between the gaps. In this case internal curtain walling aspect becomes similar to a traditional building with a higher degree of thermal insulation. Top hung concealed opening thermal break elements are provided with self balanced stainless steel friction arms; openable elements, when used, are inserted into the curtain wall structure building therefore a perfect homogeneous solution. Thermal insulation of the curtain wall grid is 2.1 according to DIN 4108.

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